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International Scientific Committee

This conference highly appreciates contribution of the following esteemed scholars (both CIRP and non-CIRP) who own high-level knowledge and experience in the topics and thus support maintaining the quality of the papers.

  Aurich, J.C. Germany     Ljunggren Söderman, M. Sweden
  Bernard, A. France     Lutters, E. Netherlands
  Bocken, N. Netherlands     Nasr, N. USA
  Baines, T. United Kingdom     Nishino, N. Japan
  Björkman, M. Sweden     Parida, V. Sweden
  Boks, C. Norway     Plepys, A. Sweden
  Boucher, X. France     Roy, R. United Kingdom
  Brissaud, D France     Sakao, T. Sweden
  Butala, P. Slovenia     Schroeder, A. United Kingdom
  Cavalieri, S. Italy     Shimomura, Y. Japan
  Dalhammar, C. Sweden     Song, W. China
  Duflou, J. Belgium     Stark, R. Germany
  ElMaraghy, W. Canada     Sutherland, J. W. USA
  Erkoyuncu, J. United Kingdom     Sundin, E. Sweden
  Hara, T. Japan     Takata, S. Japan
  Herrmann, C. Germany     Takenaka, T. Japan
  Huang, G. Hong Kong     Tjahjono, B. United Kingdom
  Karlberg, M. Sweden     Tillman, A.-M. Sweden
  Karagiannis, D. Austria     Tolio, T. Italy
  Komoto, H. Japan     Tomiyama, T. United Kingdom
  Kowalkowski, C. Sweden     Tukker, A. Netherlands
  Kumara, S. USA     Umeda, Y. Japan
  Lindahl, M. Sweden     Vancza, J. Hungary
  Lindström, J. Sweden     Watanabe, K. Japan
  Liu, Y. Sweden     Zhang, Y. China