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The Venue

The 10th CIRP Conference on IPS2 will be hosted by Linköping University at Konsert & Kongress in Linköping, Sweden ( 


Linköping - where ideas come to life.

Linköping is one of Sweden’s fastest growing cities, part of the expansive East Sweden Business Region, and Sweden’s fifth largest city.

For decades the city has been characterized by world-class high technology in the fields of aviation, IT and the environment. A third of the city’s workforce are engaged in areas related to aviation and the region leads the way in cleantech with a well developed industry focused on recycling and renewable fuels.

In Linköping there is a strong force of innovation especially in Mjärdevi Science Park, which is one of Europe’s leading technology parks with 6 000 employees in 300 companies. The focus areas in the park are visualization, modeling and simulation, connectivity and mobile broadband, vehicle safety and security systems.

Linköping has a well-preserved city centre, where shops, cafés and restaurants share space with the 800-year-old cathedral and other historic buildings. Around us we enjoy the beautiful nature. Linköping have unique oak woodlands with a fascinating wildlife and vegetation. Linköping can also offer swimming och boating along Kinda Canal and Göta Canal as well as many nearby beautiful lakes.





How to get to Linköping

Linköping is easily reached through Linköping City Airport (two daily flights from Amsterdam), or by train, coach or car from airports in Norrköping, Stockholm, Skavsta or Copenhagen.


Visa Information:

Follow this link to the Swedish Migration Agency.

Linköping 0 . 15 hrs (car) 2 km  
Norrköping 0 . 75 hrs (car)   50 km  
Skavsta 1 . 50 hrs (coach)  100 km  
Stockholm 2 . 00 hrs (train)  240 km  
Copenhagen 3 . 50 hrs (train)  450 km